A Spine In The Sky

Misty drapes behind, behind.
Beside holy ginger sky
Draw onion flames leaf-like;
Buckled patterns on glass.
Haired bongo in sticky beer
Flowers green spray mirrors …
Holly, holly, pinked ninety-three.

I stare at checks of green on white.
What do they have that I don’t?
Tropical solvents enhance your
Fear of green on black, yet
Still you enjoy the glue of fake flowers.
The lizards inside will get you for my tea.

Drop the line that I will bite.
Duvet bikes with camel precision.
Bulbous pillars hang life-size,
Giant footsteps float.
People stare whilst waiting for
Their chicken burgers.
We’re watched by all the pork in town for hours.

There is a spine in the sky
Which bends with the horizon
At the edge of the deep green sea.
At the edge of the deep green sea.