A Trick Of The Light

Stepping through the looking glass, I’m there.
Underneath the surface, I’m aware.
Cos the times, they are a-changing,
You can almost feel it floating in the air.
Everything I touch is a success.
I tell this to myself under duress,
Cos I think that maybe the message
Will get through to me one day, more or less.

All of the things I’ve said and done … They’re all right.
It’s all part of the game.
When you all realise you’re just a trick of the light,
We’re all the same.

If you look inside you’ll see it’s true.
What I’m feeling now’s affecting you.
But it’s dark, and I’m getting tired.
Won’t you light a candle for the room?
Just a little light, it changes all.
Pasting everybody to the wall.
We’re becoming the darkness.
It’s up to us to change the rise and fall.

I know it, you know it, we’re all just a trick of the light.