Blind Strummin’

You wanna know what I think?
I tell you I need a drink
Right now, right now – go get me one.
Today has been far too long.
I don’t know what I done wrong
Today, but hey – It’s been and gone, and

I’m coming home tonight and I’ll be right there, and I’ll
Die tryin’ to twist the minds of those who never care.
Blind strummin’ is all I got, it’s all I’m good at, so
I’m coming home tonight and I’ll be right there.

And when I’ve got me a glass
I’m gonna sit on my ass
Tonight, all night, and do fuck all.
I hope you’ll make me a joint.
Nice and straight to the point.
We’ll smoke, and sit, and stare at the wall, ‘cos

And now I’m feeling alright.
Much better, way out of sight
Of them who think they can keep me down.
One day we’ll get out of here,
Escape the culture of fear
That lives all over – let’s get out of town.