Give Me A Sign

It happened on Friday; The world was changed for ever.
A pie in the sky day. Silk turns into leather.
Gravity went upside-down.
People flying off the ground.
An open your eyes day, don’t worry ’bout the weather.

On a walk in the park with the eagles in a hail-storm.
The blue and the red sky – feeling like I’m reborn.
Dogs are dancing in the street.
Time to kick the leaves off our feet.
It’s a different grey now the concrete’s all gone.

The light is growing within us.
It’s alright to love and to feel trust.
I’m high and I want the same for all of us.
Give me a sign … I’m kinda groovin’ now.

Go up there – Look around.
You are the air – You are the sound.

We’re breaking the ice – joining up with the world today.
Feeling the energy – making me want to stay.
Our consciousness is finally one.
You and I are gonna have fun.
A celestial spaceship is driving us all the way.