Dried Vegetables, Fruits and Herbs on Acrylic on Canvas.

20 x 20″

This life I decided to jump on the chronically ill train.

Sickness and pain without hope, until I discovered Anthony William, Medical Medium.

There are no words to express my gratitude to this human whos service is so great, so I made a picture 🙂

Thank you for bringing truths to this distorted society we live in.

All the plants come from my garden, except the celery angels!

The mandala is made from:

Thyme, Lemon Balm, Sage, Kale, Cilantro, Blueberry leaf, Garlic, Kiwi flower, Celery, Potato leaf, Oregano, Raspberry leaf and Hibiscus flower.

To Tony Bill! (as he is called in this house)

To the Spirit of Compassion

To the Vegetable Kingdom

I salute you

You have given me back to myself.

Thank you    thank you    thank you

I Love You x