Wake Up

I’ve been meaning to tell you this for some time.
That I’ve had enough.
I’ve been wanting to lay it out on the line.
That I’ve had enough.
The system I live in is messing my head
And feeding us lies.
And I’m led to believe that I need to be led.
Never asking why.

So I’m feeling alright now, starting to see
A new way to go.
I’m digging these chords and they’re sending me
High instead of low.
Hoping to change a few minds out there.
Aim to inspire.
The soul could be flying who knows where –
Set your mind on fire.

Go in yourself, take a chance with your soul, we are one – it’s quite alright.
Don’t be afraid. It is fine to not know or be sure of what’s out of sight.
It’s all around, everywhere, up and down. If you ask it will show it’s face.
Wherever you are in your mind, or you thoughts, it’s ok – you’re in the right place